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Igniting the power of love into the world again as it is present in each of us, but identifying love and nurturing it is something that people are still struggling with. Together, we can lead the path of love that God has guided us long ago. “The Narc That I Know” is more than just a book; it’s a guidance, a helping hand to all those people who are in search of love and understanding themselves.

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Discover the depths of life and its true meaning in the most unexpected ways through a heartfelt story. Diving into the pool of emotions, learn about love and God’s ways to teach and protect you.

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This book was born out of an obligation to tell the story of a love that is not particularly in the way that we dream of. A love that tests you to your limits and unfolds new sides of a human being that you never imagined. As a woman, it is my duty to share the lessons I learned throughout my life about commitment, sacrifice, forgiveness, healing, and improvement; it is necessary to first value and love yourself and never to doubt yourself for someone else’s mistakes.

Catherine Glover

Key Features

  • Learning about love
  • Understanding yourself
  • Healing and self-improvement

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